A Judges Perspective

"A Judges Perspective"

Now that a week or so has passed since the end of the Swiss F3A World Championships I will have a go at putting down my thoughts.

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Home Again

The World Championships are over for 2015 and we all made it home safely. One misplaced bag got delayed 24 hours for Bill, and some damage to GlennO's model box (but not model) seem to have been the only minor casualties.

Some of us got together briefly to draw the second raffle on Thursday evening, but other than that we have been settling back in.

The full team report on the expeience can be foundĀ here.

Models Seen

Here is a first pass gallery of some of the models seen. Given the two flight lines and staggered flight times there is no systematic way of doing this!

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A New Journey Starts

As we await the finals tomorrow, a few reflections on behalf of the team.

Lets start with the key question - our performance. Our thoughts fall in two buckets.

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Day 10 - Round 2 Flights

A tough day at the office - overall results a mix of nerves and failure to adapt rapidly to conditions (sun in box, wind).

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