Day 9 - First Preliminary Flights

A good start for Australia - with scope to improve over the coming days. Team spirit and morale is good. With the different panels it is hard to make and true comparisons of where anyone stands after day 1.

The roughly inidcative ranking with no adjustment across lines has Bill around 15, and Glenn and Dennis at 60 and 63. All pilots learnt from the experience today and have specific areas they will focus on tomorrow to improve their performances. Flying conditions were similar for all (despite what I wrote on Facebook for Bill!) - the sky was a little overcast (a relief after the past few days), and winds low down (around normal baseline) were around 10-15kph but wiith a lot of chopiness off the grandstand; while higher they felt mre like a 25kph blow out.

Tomorrow will add another dimension to the experience with Dennis and Glenn flying in the morning while the sun is firmly in the box and a sunshield may be needed - and not just on the edge as a blinker, but in the flight path. Neither the judges or the early pilots were very happy about it this morning.

As many of you will have noticed, the organisaing team have taken on a bold integration around the scoring system - with everything from real time adjustment to the pilot order and schedulee, tablet based data entry, real time display of scores by manoeuvre during flight, and almost instant posting of a pilots scores - including the judge! And while they cannot run TBL yet, they are dropping the highest and lowest scores per manoeuvre to create their indicative reanking. Despite a few minor teething problems it is pretty impressive.

  • P8090317
  • P8090297
  • Glenn1-Score
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  • Bill1-Score
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