Day 9 - Norm's View

A helper’s view of F3A 2015 World Championships.

This is my first time at an overseas World Championship, and I give my feedback after one week of practice and the first official flight day.


If a score was posted for teamwork, then we would certainly be at the top. David has excelled in his duty as team manager, and the hotel he selected is top-class. Plus his koala give-aways have been very popular. The teamwork was very evident all this year as we prepared for this event, and it even ramped-up further during the week of practice.

Russell had really set us up with a fantastic practice facility for the team, by making friends with local pilots during his 2 months of competing in European events. We were privileged to be invited to Modellfluggruppe Zürich, located 25 mins from our hotel. A large generator was supplied for charging many batteries, a coffee machine, a BBQ, and the all-day shade from the forest canopy (which was only 15m from the runway) made this an extremely pleasant club to visit. We stayed in the shade every day as the temperature was above 30 C. The club members were extremely friendly, and Russell’s friend Georg (oldest Swiss F3A pilot) and Heinz were fantastic, and we all became good friends. Wasps and large mosquitos were the only problem, but Heinz kept the wasps at bay with his wasp traps filled with his special brew. These traps were full by the end of each day, and needed to be emptied and refilled.

Only 4 other teams (South Africa, Israel, Taiwan and Colombia) used this field as well, but we mostly had the field to ourselves.

Official opening was a special moment I will remember. We were the first to lead the teams off, walking behind our national flag, out toward the public and returning back to form a V of all teams facing the public. A terrific airshow followed, mixing models with full sized aircraft. This is the 50th year since the first World Championships were held in 1965 for F3A, and these were at the same location: Dübendorf airfield, Switzerland.

Today’s official flight 1 saw the introduction of live scoring on a large screen on flight line 1. The scores could then be viewed on the internet, with actual judge’s scores given for each manoeuvre with judge ID. All 3 pilots flew on flight line 1, under varying conditions, and I was extremely proud of their performance. I give them my sincere best wishes for their remaining flights.

We now realise why obesity is not a problem in Switzerland: The cost of food is extremely high.

Norm Morrish