2017 World Championships 18th October 2017

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18th October 2017
Dear APA and the 2017 F3A team,
I don't know how to say this correctly, so I'll be direct.
I can't go to Argentina to compete at the 2017 F3A World Championships on the advice of Specialist Doctors. Clotting in my leg, likely as a result of a long haul flight arriving in Sydney on Tuesday moved to my lungs. The danger has passed, I'm now on medication to break down the remaining clots. I'll be fine, just not in time for Argentina. I wish both Dennis and Russell all the best, if it's windy, and it will be windy, get your base up, keep your speed up and keep your wings level at all costs. I was most looking forward to hanging out with the Australian and NZ teams. I must acknowledge Joe Costa, our Australian Team manager and Brian Dooley who took the burden of organisation. My Dad John Lysaght has been awesome, I threw him busted planes, gearboxes, all manner of radio configuration changes and they always returned ready to go, I simply couldn't and wouldn't have progressed to this point without him, he has stood at my shoulder on every flight I have ever done, amazing, amazing!
Australian team member, John Lysaght, 1975 World Championships, Bern Switzerland, 2 x Mach Ones
Regards Shayne Lysaght.

2017 World Championships 17th October 2017

17th October 2017

We fly into Buenos Aires (BA), the capital of Argentina on the 22nd of October, get through customs, get our hire van, naively plug in the GPS coordinates and head off toward the host town of Villa Gesell, about 4 hours south of BA. Fitting the boxes in the van and navigating through BA will be a challenge, evening drive, wrong side of the road, our body clocks waking up. Villa Gesell is a coastal resort area, maybe like Coffs Harbour or the Sunshine Coast. There are 7 official practice sites located at 2 full size recreation airfields within an hours drive of Villa Gesell. The event site is separate to the practice fields and has two south facing flight lines at each end of a full size, tarmac runway. We don't have access to the practice sites until the afternoon of the 25th October, so unboxing, building batteries, orientation and getting straight into time zone will be our aim for two days, we're the recce group of Aust and NZ teams. Access to the competition flight lines won't be until official practice.

The competition website can be found here.

Regards Shayne and John Lysaght.

2017 World Championships 15th October 2017

One week until we fly out!

My Dad's workshop is covered with spare parts; servos, cables, coverings, two of this, 8 of that............ I promised myself that I would not sacrifice the quality of any equipment in our efforts for Argentina. We've chosen the Mriya from Ukraine as our plane (picture below). It's beautifully made, makes weight with a 5200mah pack, and most importantly, flies really well. We had planned to have two Bruckmann Sensations tuned in but they haven't fallen into place. Richard Hirst has slaved to get them ready, but timing and relentless winter/spring winds have stalled their development. The Sensation is a project I'll return to as there are some good signs.
We're not sure whether to take two planes, as one Mriya is flying well and the other needs more trimming, its disruption is partly due to a well used gearbox starting to slowly chew itself. In the big winds we could neither hear nor feel the subtle changes of increased drag and wear. Replacement parts are in the post and should be ready for packing. We may take the second Mriya to Argentina and leave it boxed. The Mriya planes are fitted with Kontronik Pyro 600 motors, rewound by Bert Dekker, Brenner contradrive gearbox, Falcon 23" props, Jeti radio, Futaba 173s on all but the rudder which has an MKS HV1220. The rest of this week will be packing and marking off checklist items, housekeeping and a bit of flying.

Regards Shayne and John Lysaght.
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2017 World Championships 16th October 2017

16th October 2017

We identified our greatest threats as:
  1. Batteries, finding quality, the right capacity (mAh), C rating and weight. We've organised 5 sets of Hacker TopFuel 5000mah, 20C, competition batteries, they weigh 1220 grams and are perfect for wind flying. We may only receive these batteries just prior to the competition so I'm also taking 6 sets of 5200mah 30C Gator batteries, still new in their boxes, weighing 1240 grams total, we'll make these up on arrival prior to accessing the practice fields on the 25th of October. We must take them as split 2 x 5S to comply with carriage restrictions on Air New Zealand.
  2. Windy, we're anticipating lots of wind, hence the high mAh batteries. Hopefully the higher wing loading and faster air speed will let me punch through any winds. We'll check our flying style as soon as we can, adjust our sizes and speeds to the top pilots and try and lock in a similar style.
  3. Jetlag, Argentina is further East than New York City, it's a 10 hour time difference from Sydney. We've given ourselves an extra week to get our bodies aligned. Only Japan/Asia has a bigger time shift than Australia.

Regards Shayne and John Lysaght.