2017 World Championships Blog

2017 World Championships 16th October 2017

16th October 2017

We identified our greatest threats as:
  1. Batteries, finding quality, the right capacity (mAh), C rating and weight. We've organised 5 sets of Hacker TopFuel 5000mah, 20C, competition batteries, they weigh 1220 grams and are perfect for wind flying. We may only receive these batteries just prior to the competition so I'm also taking 6 sets of 5200mah 30C Gator batteries, still new in their boxes, weighing 1240 grams total, we'll make these up on arrival prior to accessing the practice fields on the 25th of October. We must take them as split 2 x 5S to comply with carriage restrictions on Air New Zealand.
  2. Windy, we're anticipating lots of wind, hence the high mAh batteries. Hopefully the higher wing loading and faster air speed will let me punch through any winds. We'll check our flying style as soon as we can, adjust our sizes and speeds to the top pilots and try and lock in a similar style.
  3. Jetlag, Argentina is further East than New York City, it's a 10 hour time difference from Sydney. We've given ourselves an extra week to get our bodies aligned. Only Japan/Asia has a bigger time shift than Australia.

Regards Shayne and John Lysaght.