Russell's European Sortie

Ashford, Kent - UK

The 2nd World Cup event I attended was held at Ashford, Kent in the UK. Ashford is south of London and only about an hour’s drive from the Chunnel / Ferry to Europe. This makes it very convenient for European pilots to attend, so the comp had pilots from 9 different countries, including many of the pilots and judges I had met at the previous events.

The Ashford area is lovely, lush and green with low rolling hills, and the comp is held at Woodchurch Airfield with the kind permission of Woodchurch Warbirds and on the property of Mr Robert W Davies, M.B.E., F.R.A.Ee.S. Additionally, Mr Davies treated us to some spectacular full-sized flying displays and aerobatics in his P51 Mustang, and Steerman.




Once again, the comp was exceptionally well-run, and all the people were friendly and hospitable. The comp had 32 pilots who flew 3 rounds of P15, then was split into the top 15 who flew 2 rounds of F15, while the remainder flew a further 2 rounds of P15.

Each day, flying started at 7:30am and finished at 6:30pm. One panel of 5 judges scored all flights.

Weather was spectacularly good, with mostly sunny skies and light winds for the entire comp plus 2 practice days before.

Cumulative Stats
Competitions: 4
Distance travelled: 1800kms
Flights: 94