Russell's European Sortie

Wanderpokal / Schaerding - Austria

While driving to the Modellflug Schaerding club, I saw place names like München (Munich), Regensberg, Straubing, Passau, Linz and Wien (Vienna) and I remembered very fond memories of a trip I had in this beautiful region 2 years ago, when I cycled with friends from Regensberg to Vienna along the Danube river.


The club is located just south of Passau and the Danube and is surrounded by low rolling hills and beautiful countryside.

Flags - including Australia's


It was a 2 day competition with 38 pilots who flew 3 rounds each, followed by the top 20% (8 pilots) who flew 1 round of F15. The field faces south-east which means towards the sun in the morning, which then climbs overhead and hence sun shields must be used. This adds to the challenge and the model often appears as a dark silhouette.

The pilots in the competition include some of the world’s best, so it was a pleasure and an inspiration to watch them fly.

The Winners!
Scoring results are displayed “real time” as scores are entered and rankings calculated.

Once again, I have been very privileged to receive exceptional hospitality from the club and it’s members, but a special thanks to Gerald Schmeidbauer, Georg Carduff, Wolfgang & Yvonne Matt, and the gafahrlich Mann for the pine schnapps.

Lunch Austrian style!


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
I’ve been lucky to travel to Europe a number of times, and have always loved the history, culture, and found the people to be exceptionally friendly. But language can be difficult. Fortunately, English has become a defacto international language, so it is not usually too difficult to communicate, as has been this case on this trip, where most people speak at least some English, and many exceptionally good English.

Nonetheless, I wanted to be able to communicate better, so 9 months before the trip, I started learning German, which has been a very interesting and rewarding challenge.

Throughout my trip, but especially in Austria, everyone has been very helpful and patient with my fumbling attempts to communicate in German.

Myself and Georg Carduff.


Receiving a trophy for “pilot who travelled the furthest”.


Schedules in German.


Cumulative Stats
Competitions: 5
Distance travelled: 2,900kms
Flights: 133