Russell's European Sortie

Bordeaux - France

The fabulous, world-famous, wine-making region of Bordeaux proved to be as beautiful and charming as it’s reputation, and we were very privileged to be invited to fly on a field in the winery owned by the Sartorius family.

The competition was run over 3 days with 5 flights for all pilots. First, 3 rounds of P15 for all pilots. Then the top 10 flew the last 2 rounds as F15, while the rest flew an additional 2 rounds of P15.


After a short delay for low clouds, the competition started about 10am on Friday, and we were treated to perfect, warm days with little wind.

The flight order board.

The competition was exceptionally well run (as they all have been). A nice touch was the flight-order board which made it easy to see how long until your flight. After each pilot completed their last manoeuvre, they moved away from the pilot box, and the next pilot would take off, before the previous pilot would land. This worked very well, and ensured that the competition moved along at a steady pace.

The winners (L-R): Loic Burbaud (FRA), Christophe Paysant Le Roux (FRA), Cedric Carayon (FRA).
Saturday night dinner.
Saturday night wine. How good is this???
Our host and CD – Damien Sartorius.

Also: Have a look at the photos on the Facebook page of Caliz Aeromodelismo HERE.


Cumulative Stats
Competitions: 6
Distance travelled: 4,900kms
Flights: 136