Russell's European Sortie

Deelan - Netherlands

This competition was held at the Deelan Airforce base, which meant that access before the comp was a bit limited. Arthur and I were kindly invited to the Oss field, about 30kms from Deelan, where we spent a few terrific days training with Roy Oostema and Richard van Wÿk – many thanks to both these gentlemen.

Oss Training (L-R). Front: Johan Zegers, Russell Edwards, Richard van Wÿk. Back: Roy Oostema, Arthur Silsby.
Sam Bimbergen arriving at the Oss field with his 125 size MythoS (baby brother of mine). 

We also met a lot of other wonderful people at Oss, and because there was to be a warbirds fly-in on the weekend, we saw some superb models. 

P-61_Black_Widow (Jan Hermkens).

My home city of Melbourne is known for it’s changeable weather, and Deelan showed it could do the same. Overall we had excellent weather, but it was also sunny (including in the box, without a sun shield), cloudy, calm, very windy and light rain while flying continued.

The format was similar to other World Cup events: 3 rounds of P15 for all pilots, followed by 2 rounds of F15 for the top ten. The standard was extremely high, and it was great to watch so many very skilled pilots across different flying conditions.

I also saw the excellent scoring system developed by Winfried de Vries in use which collects scores using tablets and then automatically uploads to the scoring software. Scores are available even before the pilot has landed.

Netherlands pilots and supporters.


Richard van Wÿk & Russ.
Cor Vrolijk & Russ.

Saturday evening we met for dinner. The evening was very special for me thanks to Adrian Mansell (UK) who related to the group a brief history of the Ashes cricket series between England and Australia (see: And then in a mock re-enactment, presented me with a replica of the Ashes cup with the burnt remains of an F3A trophy!

Adrian Mansell & Russ.
The Ashes.


Cumulative Stats
Competitions: 7
Distance travelled: 6,300kms
Flights: 166
Van Breakages: 7