Russell's European Sortie


I had been told that Liechtenstein was “F3A Heaven”, and it certainly lived up to this reputation. Nestled amid the magnificent Swiss Alps, with majestic views in all directions, and adjacent to the Rhine, this club has it all. Superb facilities and superb hospitality, it was little wonder that the limited pilot positions for this completion filled very quickly, and had a waiting list.

Wolfgang Matt flying at Liechtenstein. 

Arthur and I arrived late Monday evening, and through to Friday, had perfect flying conditions and some fantastic practice sessions with the very talented local flyers. Many thanks to Wolfgang Matt, Stefan Kaiser and Lukas Schaltegger, plus Lassi Nurila (Finland).

Swimming in the Rhine.
Wolfgang Matt & Russell.
Sunday night social.

Video of Liechtenstein.

The competition started early Saturday morning about 8am, and I was asked to fly the calibration flight. 47 pilots competed in the competition. Once again, the weather was perfect (although rather hot). Most pilots had 2 flights, with the remainder of the 2nd round to be finished Sunday. Saturday night, the club put on an excellent meal, and it was another wonderful evening.

Sunday saw the completion of the second round, plus the top 25 pilots flew a 3rd round of the F schedule.

After the comp was over, those remaining stayed for very fun social evening. The temperature had been about 30 Celsius all week, and Sunday was about 35 Celsius, so a few of us decided to cool off in the Rhine, which was wonderfully refreshing!

Cumulative Stats
Competitions: 8
Distance travelled: 7,100kms
Flights: 206
Van Breakages: 10