Russell's European Sortie

San Marino

The San Marino comp was held at a field atop a hill, looking over the magnificent Mediterranean countryside and the Adriatic Sea. Additionally, behind the field was another magnificent view of the Città di San Marino and it’s ancient fortifications.

The model flying field was also part of a full-size flying field, so there were occasional take-offs and landings of full-sized craft.

The weather was perfect for flying: Warm (a bit hot) with only light winds.

The comp had 24 pilots who flew 3 rounds of P15, following by the top 6 who flew F15. Once again, the flying standard was exceptionally high. During the mornings, sunshields were required.

I also had my first look at the new Prometheus model. Both mono and bi-plane. Looks very interesting, and flys very well.

Saturday night was a very enjoyable gala dinner.

The winners (L-R): Marco Mazzucchelli, Sebastiano Silvestri & Hannes Schenk.

Following the comp, there was a brief general flying display with some very interesting models.


Cumulative Stats
Competitions: 9
Distance travelled: 7,900kms
Flights: 250
Van Breakages: 10