Russell's European Sortie


When I first booked my trip, there was to be 2 World Cup competitions between San Marino and before the World Championships. But these 2 competitions were cancelled or rescheduled, leaving me 2 weekends without competitions.


A local pilot, Peter Albert, told me of a competition north of Frankfurt, on the first of these weekends, which I decided to attend.

It was additionally interesting because this competition was run by a different organisation, and was run differently to the previous competitions I had attended.

In Germany, there are 2 model flying organisations. The Deutscher Aero Club (DAEC) which is affiliated with the FAI, and the Deutscher Modellflieger Verband (DMFV) which is not. DAEC has about 25,000 members, and DMFV has about 100,000. But only members of DAEC can compete at the FAI events like the European Championships and World Championships.

The competition was scheduled for 1 round of P15, 1 Unknown round, then 1 round of P15. For the finals, the top 5 pilots would fly F15. The Unknown round was particularly interesting for me, as I had never flown an Unknown schedule before. The schedule was chosen so as to be not too difficult and the schedule had only 11 manoeuvres. I was told the main thing was not to zero a manoeuvre, which is easy to do when you’re unfamiliar with the schedule. Fortunately, I didn’t zero a manoeuvre.


But on the Sunday, unfortunately the weather turned bad, and prevented the 3rd round (P15) and the final round (F15) from being able to be flown.

Additionally, unlike other competitions I had been to, there were pilots in other classes, and pilots judging other pilots.

Again, there were a lot of people staying at the field, and meals were available at the field, which provided an active social evening after flying.

The winners of the Sportsclass (equalivent to Australian Expert).
The winners (L-R): Nils Brückner, Henning Wessels, Andre Bracht.


Cumulative Stats
Competitions: 10
Distance travelled: 9,700kms
Flights: 277
Van Breakages: 10