Wanderpokal / Schaerding - Austria

While driving to the Modellflug Schaerding club, I saw place names like München (Munich), Regensberg, Straubing, Passau, Linz and Wien (Vienna) and I remembered very fond memories of a trip I had in this beautiful region 2 years ago, when I cycled with friends from Regensberg to Vienna along the Danube river.

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Ashford, Kent - UK

The 2nd World Cup event I attended was held at Ashford, Kent in the UK. Ashford is south of London and only about an hour’s drive from the Chunnel / Ferry to Europe. This makes it very convenient for European pilots to attend, so the comp had pilots from 9 different countries, including many of the pilots and judges I had met at the previous events.

The Ashford area is lovely, lush and green with low rolling hills, and the comp is held at Woodchurch Airfield with the kind permission of Woodchurch Warbirds and on the property of Mr Robert W Davies, M.B.E., F.R.A.Ee.S. Additionally, Mr Davies treated us to some spectacular full-sized flying displays and aerobatics in his P51 Mustang, and Steerman.

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Double Header - Netherlands and Belgium

On a weekend that had no World Cup events, I was privileged to be invited to two local events. On Saturday at the GMVC club in Waddinxveen, Netherlands, and Sunday back to Belgium to the Michamps Club in Bastogne.

I also teamed up with Mr Arthur Sivry who hails from the Isle of Man. Each year since 2001, Arthur has travelled World Cup events in his campervan, and since we’re going to many of the same events, and Arthur knows the roads (etc) better, I’m following him.

Arthur and his Citrin

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Video of Waddinxveen, Netherlands

Here's a video of Waddinxveen, Netherlands.

The video was taken in the relatively calm conditions (eg: very windy) on the morning of the competition.

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Sivry - Belgium

My first European comp was in Belgium, in a beautiful and lush area 50km south of Brussels, and next to the border with France. The vibrant green of the landscape was a stark contrast to the predominate browns of the Australian countryside.

The field itself is also very nice with a well maintained runway and good facilities.

The club have a saying: “Competitors in the sky, friends on the ground”, and both were very true. The competition was extremely well run, and the people have been outstandingly friendly and welcoming. In fact, it has been almost overwhelming the sense of hospitality, fun, and camaraderie that the club and people have created here.

With travelling, setup, soldering, battery charging and many pilots wanting practice flights, I managed only 1 practice flight on the Friday before the comp.

Photos of the flags flying at the comp, including Australia.

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